Please fill out the form below for each person over the age of 6 attending the Cattail Gathering.

Covid 19

As an organizer of a large event I have many peoples safety to keep in mind, as well as their feelings, many of which are conflict with one another. I have opted to go with caution, as I am not an expert in the field of infections disease and public safety, and hope that people with differing opinions will be understanding of the position I am in and the impossibility of making everyone happy.

Please note that the Gathering will abide by whatever CDC guidelines for COVID safety are in place at the time of the event. Please be prepared to maintain a distance of 6 feet from others unless wearing a mask. By June things may change and I will do my best to inform you ahead of time of any changes to these protocols. For more about Covid and the Gathering see the Information Page.


The fee for the Gathering is on a sliding scale of $50 to $100 for the weekend (1 or both days.)  Children under 12 come for free with paying adult.  Those over 60 years are invited to attend free of charge.  I have given much consideration to the pricing and its effect on everyone. I would not want anyone to not attend because of cost and it takes time and money to offer such an event. Please reach out to me if cost is an issue or consider volunteering your time either teaching a workshop or helping with set up, clean up or others tasks. Volunteers come for free and I rely on the generous souls that help me out every year.

You may pay here by PayPal or at the “door” upon arrival. This format does not easily allow for the variable pay scale model so I have an option for the lowest end of the scale and a $10 option for those who would like to contribute beyond the $50 per person mark (select this as many times as necessary to reach the desired payment).


Entrance fee for one.

A weekend of Nature connection workshops


Extra sliding scale payment for those who would like to contribute more.

A weekend of Nature connection workshops and community.