Schedule of Events June 12 and 13, 2021

The schedule is being added to right up until the very day of the Gathering so please check back to see what interesting new workshops have been added.


6pm  Campers may register and set up camp.


9:00am Registration begins

9:30am Opening Circle

10:00am to Noon First Workshop Block

Rewilding Practices

The earth is calling us home. Rewilding practices help us return to a lifestyle more aligned with the way our species evolved to live. Practicing rewilding helps you and your family to live a more vibrant life, filled with community and meaningful traditions that are in right relationship with other humans and the more-than-human world. Become a part of this presentation and discussion of rewilding practices that explore ways that connect us to nature, build community, create healthy traditions and mark life passages.
Justin Pegnataro is dedicated to helping people live vibrant healthy lives filled with connection and purpose.  Justin is an ecotherapist, nature mentor and writer. Over the course of his career, Justin directed Two Coyotes Wilderness School and has mentored hundreds of adults and teens in discovering who they are, claiming their personal power and in finding a deep sense of belonging within their own communities and the more-than-human world.

Time to Get Knotty 

A romp from the sheet bend to the slip and grip and getting hitched, a casual dive into knots and tarpitecture. Recommended ages 10 and up (knots can be hard!). Bring your own rope and tarp if you have it, practice and tarps will be available as well.
Tyler Reid von Oÿ (Iron Bear to some) grew up exploring the woods behind his parents house in Newtown CT, but has more recently been working as Camp Director and Lead Mentor at Two Coyotes Wilderness School for the past 5+ years.  The has previously worked as the nature studies counselor at Camp Isola Bella through the American School for the Deaf and is fluent in American Sign Language.  Tyler has a love of knots, and now calls Morris CT home with his wife and three dogs. 

1:00 to 3:00 Second Workshop Block

Nålbinding: Weaving Like It’s 6500 BC.

Nålbinding is an ancient fiber art that predates knitting, one so durable that the oldest known fragments of it are dated over 8,000 years old. While we can’t guarantee that all your nålbinding will last quite that long, we can teach you this ancient form of pre-knitting that can be applied to make bags, hats, blankets, shoes, sweaters and just about anything else you can think of. In this class, we will teach the Oslo stitch, a quick, versatile and durable stitch that can be used for anything you feel like making. Unlike knitting, nålbinding doesn’t unravel when cut or left partially finished, and it’s frankly both useful and just fun.
Scott M. Baker was trained since birth (or slightly after) at Two Coyotes (and other places), Scott now enjoys such things as: Nature! Fire! Plants! Parkour! Being Awesome! Writing in third person! Mentoring people!  And, most importantly, helping folks BE AWESOME!
Grant Norton was raised by humans in their natural habitat of Tellus, Orion Arm, Milky Way.  At the age of 16, they learned nålbinding at Roots Rendezvous.  Since then, they have trained at this ancient fiber art and its many applications to bring it to you today. 

The Feminine Flame 

Do you always wait for someone else to make the fire?
This class is for women to learn how to make a fire on their own. No hatchets, chainsaws, or men necessary. You will learn how to harvest materials from the land to construct a fire that you can light successfully rain or shine, with a fire-starting tool that fits in your pocket. The skills you learn here will translate to your fireplace or pit at home, and any local forest you venture into.
Fire is humanity’s most important tool, yet so many women have never been taught how easy it can be to have this sacred power. Once you can confidently carry this life-saving skill, you will be able to take big risks in your life.
Jackie Ryan (aka Rainbow) is an artist, yoga teacher and wilderness mentor for kids and adults.  She is passionate about the beautiful intersection of self-reliance and community.   Jackie loves guiding people to embody their gifts by harmonizing with nature and prioritizing creativity.  Last year, she created Ecstatic Forest (, a bi-monthly nature-immersive dance experience.  To find out more about Jackie, her work, and her upcoming international Yoga Retreat, visit and follow her on instagram @visionfaerie.

Wildlife Tracking

There are always clues created by wildlife for us to decipher, telling a story of their habits and lives. By learning the language of track and sign we gain insight into Nature’s mysteries. Who left this track? How did this feather get here? Why are the birds all calling from over there?
Andy Dobos is a Nature Skills Mentor specializing in helping people connect to the natural world through traditional crafts such as bow making, basketry and spoon carving, and wilderness skills like fire by friction and wildlife tracking. Andy earned an Advanced Completion Certificate from White Pines Programs’ Wildlife Tracking Apprenticeship as well as a level 3 certification in Wildlife Track and Sign from Cybertracker Conservation. He has over 15 years of experience facilitating others in their own journey to deep nature connection.

Nourishing Naturalist Moment 

Revitalize yourself and learn about the ‘sense meditation’ and ‘sit spot’ practice which increases your naturalist knowledge while also increasing your health and well-being. It is an amazing way to become part of the landscape where you can see creatures and witness interactions you would normally miss. We will do a sense meditation which awakens your entire being to the present moment, enabling you to notice more in nature. After doing a sit spot practice, we will come together and share our experiences, harvesting our learning and expanding our awareness. The sense meditation and sit spot practice creates an inner oasis of peace and joy that overtime you can take with you into the rest of your day and life. Join in with the magic of nature and foster an oasis if peace and joy inside you at the same time!
Karianna Rosenberg is passionate about weaving a deeper interconnected world among humans and all of nature, and bringing the earth into harmonious balance. Over the past two decades, Karianna has been involved with the nature connection movement, and storytelling and weaving them together to create opportunities for others that fosters transformation and new awareness to increase their health, happiness, and vitality. She has worked with hundreds of children and adults as a Deep Nature Connection Mentor at Two Coyotes Wilderness School for the past 14 years and locally and internationally at events and courses in person and online. She is now offering courses for adults through her own business ‘Earth Song Transformations,’ guiding deeper connections to nature, oneself, others, and one’s spirituality.

3:00 to 5:00pm Third Workshop Block

Stories in Our Lives

Do you like hearing stories around the campfire? Reading books? Watching movies? Telling stories? Come join us as we explore the significance of stories in our cultures and throughout time, what makes a good story, and different styles of storytelling! By the end of the workshop (with luck) we will have done much brainstorming, played many related games, and created at least one complete story! Please consider bringing a notebook to record ideas.
Jia-Lin (aka. Loki) is a university student, Two Coyotes alumni and mentor, and is very excited to have the chance to learn with a wonderful group of people! She enjoys such things as music, storytelling and reading, adventures, and naps.

Wild Plant Walk

Our ancestors, recent or ancient, knew the plants and trees in their environment intimately. Food, medicine, fibers, dyes, tools, all could be fashioned from plants. The intimate relationship with plants that all people once had is still possible and quite accessible. Join me to explore, experiment and get to know some of our local wild plants through direct experience.
Andy Dobos is a Nature Skills Mentor specializing in helping people connect to the natural world through traditional crafts such as bow making, basketry and spoon carving, and wilderness skills like fire by friction and wildlife tracking. The pursuit of these skills as well as mentoring by experts in ethnobotany has gained him a deep familiarity with many plants and trees. He has over 15 years of experience facilitating others in their own journey to deep nature connection.

Wool Processing Workshop

Wool processing workshop In this presentation, participants will learn about the history and process of spinning wool fibers into yarn. The entire process from shearing, scouring, carding/combing, and spinning will be discussed. Samples of different breed fibers, preparations, and naturally dyed fiber will be on display. Participants will see how a drop spindle and spinning wheel function, and will be able to try both methods to spin samples of fiber.
Miranda Procko is a fiber artist, farmer, and naturalist. She and her family raise rare Leicester Longwool sheep that provide them with lustrous, soft, and durable fleeces. Miranda hand processes her homegrown wool from start to finish, and enjoys dyeing the fibers with different plants, flowers, and vegetable pigments that she grows or forages on her farm.

Song Share

Come gather together to learn some new songs and to share ones you treasure!
Noel’s love of nature began as a child playing with friends in the woods of small town Connecticut and camping with family. Her interest expanded from play to include primitive skills and nature awareness when she met Scott Eldridge, founding director of Two Coyotes, in a Wilderness First Responder class in 1999 while pursuing a certificate in Adventure Education. She went on to travel to various workshops and primitive skill gatherings up and down the east coast and to Arizona before settling back down in Connecticut and reconnecting with Two Coyotes by enrolling in Pups with her two children. Upon her return, Noel quickly transitioned from participant to Pups Mentor and has continued in this role as her children transitioned to Wild Seeds.

Heart-centered Accountability & Liberation Circle

What does it mean to practice nature connection on stolen land? How can we cherish the gifts of these practices while stepping into our accountability?Join us for a somatic, heart-centered practice exploring the ways in which colonialism and racism come up in the nature connection and survival skills movement.
This is a space for each participant to safely and bravely explore their own feelings and ideas about racial accountability and decolonizing work and to be lovingly witnessed in that process regardless of where they are on this journey.
During this session, we will tune into our bodies, connect with our grief and our joy, reflect by journaling, and practice heart-listening in small groups. Music, movement, and nature will ground and uplift us.
Karolina Ksiazek (she/her and they/them) is a dancer, writer, educator, and organizer. They have worked as a nature mentor with Two Coyotes Wilderness School since 2020. Since 2015, they have organized for sex workers’ rights and transportation justice in New Haven as co-founder of New Haven Bike Month and Director of Advocacy for the Sex Workers and Allies Network. Karolina has also completed a 200-hr Yoga Teacher Training from Wild Lotus Yoga in New Orleans and dreams of supporting folks in healing journeys rooted in belonging, social justice, nature connection, play, and rest.
Clancy Emanuel (he/him) is a musician, educator, and bike composter who moved to New Haven in 2017. He is from the saltwater river down by the Niantic Bay and cares deeply about being in spaces that foster brave explorations of identity. He has been involved in affinity groups for white folks since October of 2019 and strongly believes in the power of collective healing.

5:00 to 6:30pm Dinner Break

6:30 to 8:00pm Special Evening Block

Red Tent Circle:

Red Tents (or Menstrual Huts) are uniquely Feminine spaces that are found in most traditional cultures throughout the world, and are noticeably absent in cultures affected by colonialism. We consider the Red Tent a sacred space, where we celebrate the beauty, mystery and wisdom of living in a body that menstruates, is no longer menstruating, or has reverence for this process. We will share a talking circle and a Sensual Feminine Movement practice designed to re/connect you with your sacred erotic nature – the source of all life.
*This event is open to all genders who desire to access, reclaim, heal and celebrate their Feminine Nature.
Hadley is a licensed S Factor instructor and Fertility Awareness Educator-in-training. She has an in-depth, nonlinear background in embodied movement, sacred sexuality, menstrual health and women’s/womxn’s issues. Hadley serves to weave these elements together in an embodiment lifestyle that elevates the Feminine. She loves travel, pole dancing, medicinal wild plants, community, cooking, reading and spending time in the outdoors.

7:30 to 9:00pm Campfire, Stories and Music

8:30 to 10:30  Special Nightowl Class Block


8:00am to 9:30 Special Earlybird Morning Block

9:35am Opening Circle

10:00am to 12:00 First

Workshop Block

Make a Bow Drill

An overview showcasing different types of friction fire, methods, and applications, participants will have the opportunity to learn how to build their own kits to take home, as well as how to properly use them and create a tinder bundle using natural materials commonly found in New England.
Justin Avery and Ponyboy Avery are a father-son team who love homesteading, gardening, fishing, mushroom hunting, primitive skills, and the outdoors. They have practiced friction fire for years, specializing in hand drill, and are returning workshop teachers. Ponyboy is an Alumni of Two Coyotes Wilderness School and teaches the Pups program in Granby.

Introduction to Fermentation

Sarah has been growing vegetables and herbs for most of her life, and has learned that when you grow lots of vegetables, you want to preserve them for later! Fermentation is an age old method of preserving, and is a healthful way to take care of your nutritional needs and gut biome. Plus, it’s an easy way to reduce your carbon footprint, especially if you ferment with wild foods.
This class will review a short history of fermentation, and we will talk about simple ways to add more fermented foods back into your diet. Sarah will provide you with some simple recipes to try at home, and we will demo how to make your own jar of kimchi or sauerkraut.
SARAH TRACY is an Herbalist, farmer & instructor at Twin Star Herbal Education. She was born in Maine and raised in Connecticut: a true New Englander through and through. She has worked all sorts of jobs over the years, including selling wine, babysitting, annuities, scooping ice cream, and her favorite job of all: growing veggies and herbs for her community. At Twin Star Herbal Education (New Milford, CT) she teaches Cultivating Resilience, a 7-month hand-on medicinal plant gardening program. Sarah has completed Levels 1-3 of Twin Star Herbal Programs, Rosemary Gladstar’s Science & Art of Herbalism, Tropical Flower Essence Practitioner Training, and many of the shorter Twin Star classes as well. Sarah opened her online business, Little Dove Botanicals LLC in November 2020 (despite the COVID pandemic!), selling medicines and herbal products grown in her garden. You can see some of Sunflower Sarah’s products here:
Sarah’s wanderlust is evident: when she’s not in her garden you are likely to find her either planning her next trip or traveling to a new place she hasn’t explored yet. Different cultures and traditions are her jam. She lives and gardens in Torrington, CT with her husband Trevor (aka the English Cowboy). Sarah also works at The Green Spot, a retail garden shop in Northville, CT.

Bladesmithing Demonstration

With the purpose of keeping parts of history alive, Jerrod the bladesmith will be crafting a bushcraft railroad spike knife, which has a rooted history in our civil war. During our Civil War soldiers were issued one knife they were to use as a bayonet. While deployed many soldiers would pull up train tracks to disrupt supply lines. They would then bring the railroad spikes to the local blacksmiths, who would make them into knives the soldiers could wear on their sides.
Jerrod has been practicing blacksmithing and bladesmithing for 5 years. Along with being a mechanical engineer, and a Veteran of the US Navy, he is a member of the Artists-Blacksmith Association of North America, CT Blacksmiths Guild, and the New England Blacksmiths. He works daily to pass the craft to not only his children but other members of his community.

Noon Lunch Break

1:00 to 2:00 Trade Blanket

Nature related items traded in traditional format, including gear, materials, hand made crafts etc. No guns, or illegal substances please.

2:00 to 4:00pm Final Workshop Block

American Sign Language in Nature.

ASL is a beautiful and extensive language that can be used by anyone and everyone. Have you ever wanted to point out a bird but didn’t want to scare it away with sound?  In this class, you will learn the alphabet and nature related signs so that you can describe the world in a new way.
Sky Norton is a mentor and alumni of Two Coyotes Wilderness School who went on to earn an Associates Degree in Interpreting American Sign Language/English.  She is attending Gallaudet University (a Deaf university using ASL as a primary language) in pursuit of further education. 

Communing with nature- The wild world is speaking to us, can you hear?

For many of us, modern humans have lost the ability to be part of the greater conversation of life. Come and learn how to experience the wild world as a community of living beings and become a part of the greater conversation with all life. Explore practices that reconnect us with the beauty, power, grief and belonging that comes from communing with nature.
Justin Pegnataro is dedicated to helping people live vibrant healthy lives filled with connection and purpose.  Justin is an ecotherapist, nature mentor and writer. Over the course of his career, Justin directed Two Coyotes Wilderness School and has mentored hundreds of adults and teens in discovering who they are, claiming their personal power and in finding a deep sense of belonging within their own communities and the more-than-human world.

Coiled Basketry with Wild Harvested Plants

In this workshop you will be introduced to the wonderful and incredibly versatile technique of coiling, an ancient technique in which rows of material are layered and sewn together one row at a time in a spiral to create a basket. In this class we will use split cattails, grasses, iris leaves, and a variety of other materials from the garden and the woods as the core of our baskets. Harvesting, processing, and storing materials will be covered. Join us in a fun and welcoming atmosphere to learn a skill and engage with the plants! You can either make a small basket during this session or start a larger one you can continue later.
Katie Grove is an artist and educator whose passion is to guide people in connecting to their creative self through the combination of art and nature. In her basketry classes she creates an environment where individuals can explore self-expression while learning how to identify, use, and appreciate local plants. Katie has a BFA in Printmaking from SUNY New Paltz and a background in fiber arts. She is based in Stone Ridge, NY and teaches basketry workshops throughout the east coast and exhibits her art regionally.

4:00 to 4:10 Closing Circle