Schedule of Events

The schedule is being added to right up until the very day of the Gathering so please check back to see what interesting new workshops have been added.



6pm  Campers may register and set up camp.



9:00am Registration begins


9:30am Opening Circle


10:00am to Noon First


Twined Basketry

This workshop is a beginner level introduction to the ancient technique of twining. It is one of the earliest techniques and is used all over the world. Many different materials can be used. We will be using sisal twine, and may use wild harvested materials to add into our baskets.

Karianna L. Rosenberg, MAT has been doing twined basketry for 5 years using a variety of materials both man made natural twine and cord and wild harvested. She has taught this technique to older children, teens, and adults numerous times. Karianna has been a lead mentor for Two Coyotes Wilderness School for 11 years, and also develops programs and trains staff. Expanding her passion helping people connect with themselves, Mother nature, and others, Karianna created her new business ‘Earth Song Transformations’ to work with adults, helping them tend their connections to have vibrant health and joyful balance in their lives.

Back Yard Blacksmithing

This workshop will demonstrate fire pit/charcoal forging as well as coal forging on a homemade forge.  Basic forging tools and techniques, homemade forges and anvils, and metal sourcing and testing will be demonstrated and discussed.  to finish, everyone can pound some steel on a collaborative hand forged project

Justin and Ponyboy Avery are a father and son team. They are homesteaders native to the Farmington Valley in CT. They enjoy Gardening, fishing, mushroom collecting, woodworking and forging.

Kids Games

Back by popular demand some of the favorite Nature games for kids of any age.  Work out that extra energy early in the weekend chasing and being chased, hiding, searching and having fun!

Lead by Gabby Dobos, long time contributor to this and other nature skills gatherings Gabby has attended Two Coyotes Summer Camp for many years and been a guest of the homeschool program on occasion.  She has is an artist, singer, songwriter and shares her fathers love of the Natural world and its beauty.

Noon Lunch Break

1:00 to 3:00 Second Workshop Block


Drop spindle Wool Spinning

Workshop will include:

– a short history of wool spinning
– types of wool used and spinning methods
– entire process- from sheep to product
– spinning demo using spindle while discussing the process and methods
– discuss dyeing methods
– 7 drop spindles and some roving will be available for people to try drafting and spinning (possibly plyeing if time allows)

Miranda Procko is a self taught simple wool spinner. She spins wool as a hobby using the drop spindle, and occasional dyes her wool using natural sources. She uses locally sourced wool and is preparing to house a few shetland sheep to provide a backyard fiber source in the future!

Friction Fire Mayhem

Materials and mentoring for all experience levels in bow drill and hand drill.  Demonstrations and hands on learning with this ancient skill.

Lead by Scott Baker and other members of the Two Coyotes Wilderness School.

3:00 to 5:00pm Third Workshop Block


Mushroom Cultivation

Join Owl Ridge Homestead’s Earl and Miranda Procko as they discuss and demonstrate mushroom cultivation and inoculation technique using spawn plugs and hardwood log medium. They will also talk about mushroom anatomy, growing methods, popular cultivated species, and ways to use your mushroom harvest. Demo logs will be available for hands on instruction.

Earl and Miranda own Owl Ridge Homestead located in Bristol Ct. They enjoy growing food year round, raising small livestock, and keeping it simple. They have 2 young children that they involve in every aspect of running the homestead and emphasize the importance of having self sufficiency skills. Growing mushrooms became a side hobby that blossomed into a delicious addiction as more and more space was dedicated to the versatile and very easy to grow fungi. They now enjoy sharing their experience with others.

Atlatl Basics

Learn how ancestral hunters utilized this simple tool, often called a spear-thrower, to hunt large game. Make your own atlatl and dart to take home.

Growing up in suburban New York, Eric Stone sought out the pockets of wildness that most people ignore and built a connection to the woods and lakes that’s followed him across the country. He is the director of The Rewilding School, and focuses on teaching people of all ages our ancestral skills and connecting them to the land right in their backyards.

Wildlife Tracking Walk

Ever wonder what the animals are up to when you are not around?  Cool stuff that’s what they are up to, and they leave all kinds of clues.  We will explore these clues and what they can tell us about the wildlife in our neighborhood.

Andy Dobos is certified in wildlife track and sign by Cybertracker Conservation and has an advanced completion certificate from White Pine Programs Wildlife Tracking Apprenticeship Program.  He is a Master Mentor with Two Coyotes Wilderness School and runs his own programs under the name The Forest Wolf.

5:00 to 7:00pm Dinner Break


7:00 to 7:30pm “Talent Show”


7:30 to 9:00pm Campfire, Stories and Music


8:30 to 10:30  Special Nightowl Class Block


Walking the Razors Edge

Songwriter Kate Wolf sings “When the sun goes down and it grows too dark to see we look within…” Many movies, songs, and novels introduce the concept of walking the razor’s edge. We can only effectively live in society and the natural world by walking our own path, with care, in body, mind & spirit. This workshop will end an amazing day by taking new skills into our everyday lives. Awareness exercises, discussions, and a guided meditation will allow us to safely “…die and live again.”

Sue Campbell grew up in the last century in the woods of the White Memorial Foundation. An alumna of Tom Brown Jr.’s Tracker School from many moons ago she has taught a few generations of kids (many now teachers themselves) the wonders of awareness, tracking and primitive skills. Her yet to be published book for children of ALL ages, The Secret Place a Guided Meditation will be featured in THE RAZOR’S EDGE WORKSHOP and in your heart forever.


8:00am to 9:30 Special Earlybird Morning Block


Bird Language

Learn to interpret the language of the forest, calm your mind, and soak up the bountiful morning bird song as we wander onto the landscape for a 45 min bird sit followed by a 30 min +/- discussion of the events that transpired during our sit. Kristi will be available after the sit to answer questions related to birding, bird song, as well as her courses.

Kristi Dranginis is the founder of, a hub for resources and online courses that help people worldwide build confidence in learning about birds and the natural world. Through her courses, students are immersed in the principles of deep nature connection, bird language, and advanced bird identification skills.

Kristi teaches birding at traditional skills events like Rabbit Stick, Winter Count, Saskatoon Circle, Buckeye, Sharpening Stone and for organizations like the Boulder Outdoor Survival School, The Women’s Wilderness Institute, Crow Canyon Archeological Center, Eight Shields and The Powerhouse Science Center.

She is one of the founding collaborators of the Dipper Project, a research project studying the effects of the Gold King Mine spill on avian life in the Animas River in Colorado. She also leads tours for the Bosque del Apache Sandhill Crane Festival, Mesa Verde Bird Festival, the Durango Bird Club and The White Memorial Conservation Center.

In addition to being a Field Ornithologist, Naturalist, Herbalist, and Photographer, Kristi is also a contributor to the new Peterson’s Field Guide to Bird Nests.

9:45am Opening Circle


10:00am to 12:00 First Workshop Block


Medicine From Nature

Have a boo-boo? You’re in luck! Come join us to learn about the healing plants of CT. We will spend some time seeking medicinal plants across the land, then return to the central fire to make medicine. Participants will leave with their own salve for everyday use. ($3 materials fee appreciated, but not required.)

Scott M. Baker was trained since birth (or slightly after) at Two Coyotes (and other places), Scott now enjoys such things as: Nature! Fire! Plants! Parkour! Being Awesome! Writing in third person! Mentoring people! And, most importantly, helping folks BE AWESOME!


Rawhide Container

Create your own small rawhide container utilizing raw deer hide, water, artificial sinew, needles, hammer and nails, and sand. For all ages, kids below 7 please bring an adult to help. Materials provided, $3 materials fee per person suggested but not required.

Noel Cherubino has years of experience teaching wilderness skills.  Among other things she ran the Nature’s Chorus camp at Great Hollow Wilderness School.


Coiled Pine Needle and Raffia Basketry

Join Steph Niles to try your hand at making coiled pine needle or raffia baskets. You will learn the basics and make a mini basket, pendant or other decorative item. From the techniques demonstrated you will have the skills to create something larger. Come with an open mind and a blanket or chair to sit on. All ages, although young children may need an adult to help.

Steph Niles is a nature lover and mother of three nature kids. She is the program director and an instructor for Two Coyotes Wilderness School and enjoys teaching art in the homeschool community.

Noon Lunch Break


1:00 to 2:00 Trade Blanket

Nature related items traded in traditional format, including gear, materials, hand made crafts etc. No guns, or illegal substances please.


2:00 to 4:00pm Final Workshop Block

Contact Improvisation

Move your body in simple ways that open you up to connecting with yourself, your environment and your peers in a whole new way.  This beginner level dance class will expand your relationship to the ground beneath you, the air surrounding you, and help you relearn your body’s most natural movements.  Through a series of guided exercises, you will laugh through the awkwardness of moving in unconventional ways and dancing with strangers.  You will leave with new friends and a relaxed body for your drive home.

Jackie Ryan is an advocate for heart-centered self-expression.  She travels the world to study dance and meet other people who love to connect through movement.  Jackie also expresses herself through color.  You can check out her visionary paintings at or follow her on instagram @visionfaerie.  She also helps other people navigate living both in harmony with their passions and the rhythms of nature by life coaching and teaching yoga to adults and working as a Two Coyotes mentor for children.


Friction Fire Mayhem II

Materials and mentoring for all experience levels in bow drill and hand drill.  Demonstrations and hands on learning with this ancient skill.

Lead by members of the Two Coyotes Wilderness School.


4:00 to 4:10 Closing Circle