June 4th and 5th, 2022



Masks will not be required since this is an outdoor event. If we do utilize the classroom space the windows will be left open for ventilation. That said I hope we can all respect and support each others needs if (when?) there are those who do chose to wear a mask. This event is an opportunity to connect with other people and we each have beliefs, ideas and needs unique to us.


White Memorial Conservation Center’s Mott Van Whinkle area with camping across the street at Windmill Hill Campground.


80 White Hall Rd Litchfield CT

Look for the signs leading you to the Mott Van Whinkle area just up the road from the museum building.

Camping is across the road and back toward the main street from the Mott Van Whinkle area. Please check in at the Mott Van Whinkle area before picking a campsite.

Please call 860 997-3480 for assistance if needed.

Entrance Fee:

The fee for the Gathering is on a sliding scale of $50 to $100 for the weekend (1 or both days.)  Children under 7 come for free with paying adult. 

Those over 60 years old, people of color and indigenous folks are invited to attend free of charge

I have given much consideration to the pricing and its effect on everyone. I would not want anyone to not attend because of cost. Please reach out to me if cost is an issue or consider volunteering your time either teaching a workshop or helping with set up, clean up or others tasks. Volunteers come for free and i rely on the generous souls that help me out every year.


You are required to bring your own meals.  Fire pits are located at each campsite and the main area and can be used for cooking (the main fire can only be used to cook when not in use for workshops ie. mealtimes).


This years location will include a primitive camping area without designated spots with fire pits or picnic tables. Because of this there will be no fee for camping this year. The rugged nature of the site will create more work for staff and volunteers (setting up and maintaining composting toilets and hauling water etc). Please keep this in mind when considering the sliding scale fee system.


Classes will be held outdoors with optional indoor classroom space.  Out-houses and drinking water are available as well as tent camping at adjacent campground.  Meals will NOT be provided.


Respect of the land is very important to the Gathering.  Please clean up after yourselves, do not damage any structures, or make fires outside of designated fire pits. Digging holes, and harvesting plants should be done only with permission of Andy the organizer or one of his staff.

Respect for each other is also very important to us.  There may be people attending with very different views on how to live with Nature.  Please respect these differences and keep in mind that we are here for a common love of the land even if that is expressed very differently.

This is a drug, alcohol and firearms free event!